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FORMA 360 פורמה 360 דגים 12 קג
מחיר רגיל: 229.00 
מחיר באתר: 225.00 
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תיאור המוצר:
Fish as the only source of animal protein.
Fish oil, natural source of fatty acids Omega 3, to support the cardiovascular system, for healthy skin and shiny coat.
With fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and chicory pulp for prebiotic action.
Rich of Vitamin C and E.
With natural herbs for antioxidant action.
With Glucosamine, precursor of the main constituent of articular cartilage

תכולה תזונתית באחוזים:

Crude protein 24%, Crude oils and fats 11%, Crude fibres 3.5%, Crude ash 6.9%, Calcium 0.95%, Phosphorus 0.77%, Potassium 0.68%. Metabolizable Energy: 3,380 kcal/kg (NRC 85).


Fish meal 22% (tuna meal 10%), rice 20%, corn, wheat germ, animal fat, wheat, dehydrated meats, dried beet pulp 3%, dried chicory pulp 1%, corn gluten, brewers yeast, fish oil 0.5%, sodium chloride, fructo-oligosaccharides 0.3%, potassium chloride dicalcuim phosphate, mojave yucca 0.1%, products from the processing of herbs (cloves, citrus, grapevine, rosemary, turmeric) 0.03%, glucosamine (250 mg/kg), chondroitin sulfate (100 mg/kg).