Dogsense - Monge- מונג' רפואי לבעיות כליות- 12 ק"ג
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Monge- מונג' רפואי לבעיות כליות- 12 ק"ג
מחיר רגיל: 429.00 
מחיר באתר: 389.00 
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תיאור המוצר:

מזון רפואי נטול דגנים בעל נוסחה מועשרת לכלבים הסובלים ממחולות כליה ומסייעת בשמירה על תפקודן התקין.


Monge VetSolution Renal Canine is a complete dietetic feed formulated for the support of renal function in cases of chronic or temporary renal insufficiency in dogs.
Monge VetSolution Renal Canine contains Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) to prevent oxidative stress, Green tea extract with anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory proprieties, Xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS) to secure the intestinal microbiota and the formula is characterized by low level of phosphorus and a restricted level of protein but of high quality.

תכולה תזונתית באחוזים:

Crude protein: 19% – Crude Fibre: 3.7% – Crude oils and fats: 19% – Inorganic matter: 5.7% – Calcium: 0.6% – Phosphorus: 0.36% – Potassium: 0.8% – Sodium: 0.18% – n-3 fatty acids: 0.65% – n-6 fatty acids: 3.85%


Dried chicken meat**, tapioca, animal fat (duck oil)*, potatoes, dehydrated carrots, animal fat (chicken oil)*, dried beet pulp, dehydrated pineapple, dried citrus pulp, dried fish (Anchovy)**, fish oil (salmon oil)*, dried duck meat**, minerals, tomato pulp, brewers’ yeast, pea fibre, Xylo-Oligosaccharides (XOS 0.4%), green tea extract (0.15%), freeze-dried melon juice concentrate (0.005% – Cucumis melo cantalupensis – source of Super Oxide Dismutase). *purified at 99.6%, preserved with natural antioxidants. ** Main Protein sources.